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A living form that lives without separating science, art and technology. , I guess this is always the sentence that I will summarize myself best. Apart from software, design and digital media, I also work as a system expert. I continue my way by combining art and technology in a life between my passion for technology and my passion for art. My biggest goal in my life has always been to do my own job and do my dream job, I think I have reached it now. But he shouldn't be content with it. I should have shared what I know with people. I should have informed people impartially about my hobbies, the things I love and cherish. that's why we are here.

CrowEmre channel is a project based on video games, one of my most valued hobbies. I want to play with you for hours and live these games to the end and make you live. If you are ready, take your seats in the seats because we are starting.

Stay tuned to be notified of live broadcast announcements, sweepstakes, events and gatherings.
Stay tuned to be notified of live broadcast announcements and my work.
My channel where you can follow me live and interact.
My Youtube channel with replays of my live broadcasts and many educating videos.

Live Stream

You can follow my live stream from the screen below, if I am not live, you can click on my live stream channel and subscribe or follow it.

When Are Live Stream?

My live stream are on Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. I am waiting for every publication.

Are there replay of stream?

Yes, my stream are available again. You can find the Twitch in my videos section and the live moon replays section on my Youtube channel.

Yayın İçeriklerin Neler?

Şu an için sadece oyun oynamaktayım ancak ilerisi ile ilgili çılgın planlarım mevcut. İleride bu kanalda IRL, Music, Science and Teckhnology tarzı başlıklarda da içerikler göreceksiniz.

What Kind of Games Are You Playing?

Actually I am not playing a fixed game. MMOPRG, Scenario Games, CO-OP Games, Horror Games etc. The species is far ahead, but I'm open to different things.



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You can find replays of my live stream below.


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You can send me direct mail using the button below.

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