Flood of Emotions (Digital Art)

Digital art, in general, is a form of art that occurs by producing non-physical objects, in the production of which the computer takes part. In this process, the computer has moved from a tool in the traditional sense to a co-creator.

Flood of Emotions; It is an art project that includes digital art, photography, audio arts and psychology. My aim in this project is to convey to the individual the emotion and purpose of the work produced through people's visual and auditory perception systems, without relying on any physical elements. The project also receives support from psychological science. This project is under construction.


Content Production

In recent years, producing content is a very popular hobby and has a really important share in people's individual branding processes. My desire to provide people with what I have specialized in over the years, especially in more than one field, has been pushing me towards content production for a long time. I have started this process as of 2023.

I broadcast games and Q&A on the Twitch.TV platform, and I also prepare regular content on a wide variety of topics every week and share it with my followers on my YouTube channel. I produce content from a technology or game category every week via Spotify and Apple Podcast. I constantly stay in touch with my followers on my Instagram account and produce 2-3 content that will benefit my followers every week.



With the advent of Web 3.0, the concept called NFT has entered our lives. So what is this NFT? It is expressed as “Non Fungible Token” or, in Turkish, “Immutable Token”. In fact, NFT, which can be described as a type of cryptocurrency, can represent a valuable asset beyond classical definitions, unlike other types of crypto money. For example, commodities that can exist in the digital environment and be owned by a person can fall into the NFT class.

As someone who produces content and projects in many fields, I have started to turn some of my drawings and some of the sounds or projects I have created into NFTs as collections. I do not only see this job as a source of money, but also because I can exhibit my own works in the digital world. You can access my exhibition in my Opensea account from the link below or my NFTs for sale under the Merch heading on my site.


Oyun Projeleri

My gaming adventure began in 1997, when I first encountered the Commodore 64 and NES devices, and soon after the ATARI device entered my home. After taking part in the consumption part of game content until 2013, I entered the game industry as a Beta Tester in 2014. Since 2019, I have been working in the gaming industry as a game designer developing my own game projects.

I am currently about to complete the scenario creation part of the game I named Cage of Madness, and the preliminary work of my two game projects, codenamed Project Future and Project Heaven, is still continuing. You can access the portfolio pages of my projects from the link below. In the future, you will also access information such as purchasing, downloading or the game's website from the same area.